How to receive winnings?

Winnings can be withdrawn easily in just a few simple steps.

1. In order to withdraw funds, go to the Deposit section.

2. Choose the payment system with which you want to receive the payout. (Note: you can only receive your winnings through the payment method you have already used to make deposits. Should it be imperative to withdraw money using another payment system, you have to contact our Support team).

3. Enter the desired amount, payment system details and click the "Receive" button. After that a payment request will be created, processed and paid by our specialists as soon as possible.

4. During payment processing your request is submitted to the Security team for verification. If all the rules are followed, the request is approved and you will receive your winning.

Note: In order to receive payments, your account must be fully verified: all data must be complete and identity documents attached, a phone number must be confirmed. If necessary, the Security team may request screenshots confirming ownership of the payment account to which the payout has been requested. If you do not provide the missing data, the withdrawal request will be rejected! When making a request for a withdrawal of funds, the payment details must personally belong to the user who provides these details.

In certain cases, we reserve the right to forcibly change the player’s payment withdrawal method to that by which the deposit was made. These actions are carried out in order to increase the security of payment transactions.